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Orchestrate merit cycles using a centralized platform
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Some of the planet's largest companies trust Compport.

Perform high-precision compensation modelling

Incredibly simple UI

Simple can be powerful — Compport’s UI makes building a compensation plan is as simple as answering a survey.

Deep personalization

Easily personalize your plan for employees based on roles, functions, levels, locations, tenure & other attributes.

Powerful rule engine

Define intricate compensation rules effortlessly through intuitive, question-based customization.

1-click Budget Builder

Enter your budget; instantly generate increment grids for teams, grades, and locations, speeding up planning.
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Set guidelines & guardrails for managers

Set guardrails

Enable flexible compensation decisions by line managers, enhance employee satisfaction – all while staying within budget..

Arm managers with data

Enable confident compensation decisions with instant insights into internal parity and pay growth.

Personalize Rewards Plans

Attract and retain high-potential talent by building tailor-made compensation plans for them.

Ensure fair and equitable pay effortlessly

Data-Driven Compensation

Quickly ensure pay parity and access benchmark data for informed, data-driven salary decisions.

Comply with pay transparency laws easily

Meet government compliance obligations by producing required compensation reporting with a single click.

Bias alerts

Automate alerts for real-time pay inequity detection, focusing on gender, race, and other factors.
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Run budget simulations to test your rewards philosophy

Build variants rapidly

Have four different ideas for comp plans? Compport makes it easy to build them all out in minutes.

Preview impact before launch

Instantly simulate reward philosophies and budget impacts, answering key organizational compensation questions.

Check for alignment with internal goals

Verify plan alignment with company goals easily by cross-checking impact across 1000+ data points.

Transform data into visual narratives

200+ Data-rich Reports (and counting)

Respond to stakeholders with comprehensive reports tailored for numerous annual compensation queries.

Layered & Interactive

Double-click to delve into specific metrics, uncovering root causes of trends in any report.

Multidimensional Views

View data across dimensions such as location and grades for a comprehensive, 360-degree analysis.

Multiple Download Formats

Download any report in your favorite formats — PPTs, Excel Sheets, PDFs and more –– in one click.

Customer testimonials

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“With Compport, our Total Rewards team now finds it very convenient to administer their compensation processes, improve the user experience of HRBPs and managers, and provide transparency to our employees. Also, ours is a unique and complex merit planning processes, so we are pleased that it was easy to configure Compport to suit our needs”
John Albert Ampil
Group Manager, TA, TR & Employee Experience
Universal Robina Corporation

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