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Craft visually stunning offers backed by intelligent data insights.
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Some of the planet's largest companies trust Compport.

Show the Full Value of Compensation

Demystify a candidate's total compensation package.  Enable them to see how salary, bonuses, benefits, and equity contribute to their overall compensation.
value of compensation

Competitive offers, without the guesswork

Leverage Compport’s machine learning algorithm to build a consistent and competitive offer for every role. Make compensation decisions with confidence.
Gain instant access to internal salary data
Plug external benchmarking data in 1 click
Our algorithm computes data to make smart salary recommendations

Simulate salary changes in real time

Need to adjust the salary for a high-potential hire? Test these changes and evaluate impact instantly with our visual simulator. Avoid back and forth between Hiring and Compensation-Benefits Teams.
Simulate sala…real time

Simplify Approvals, Supercharge your Hiring

Make quick edits to your comp offer and get approvals quickly with an automated workflow. Gone are the days of multiple emails and reminders.
Set custom approval workflows
Gather comments on the offer from relevant stakeholders
Track approval status in real time

Integrate Seamlessly

Connect all information onto one powerful platform. Build a well-oiled machine and breeze through hiring.
Sync candidate data from your ATS
Sync compensation data from your HRIS
Build a top-notch hiring experience
Integrate Seamlessly

Customer testimonials

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"100% Flexibility, Intelligent Data Management, focused and an easy-to-use interface is what makes Compport a unique platform. We were very pleased to have chosen them as our compensation automation partner"
Aditya Vadlamani
Associate Director Compensation and Benefits,
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

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