Variable Pay Management

Build a transparent system that automates variable pay for peak organizational performance.
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Some of the planet's largest companies trust Compport.

Your Bonus Plan, Your Rules

Configure every element and build a highly customized plan that suits your needs. Manage plans across multiple regions, currencies, rules, and budgets. Track individual, team, group, and business performance metrics across your organization.
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You Experiment, We’ll Simulate

Test drive your plans before putting them into action with Compport’s scenario engine.
Build multiple scenarios in minutes
Instant budget and impact analysis
Compare plans with just one click

Internal Transfers? No Problem!

Dreading the task of calculating proration-based variable pay when an employee changes assignments? Select one checkbox and you’re done!
Calculate variable pay across historical assignments
Auto generate prorated payouts basis duration of assignments
Compare plans with just one click

Insights for Every Decision

Explore interactive dashboards to analyze root causes and pinpoint issues. Create customized reports for each stakeholder, ensuring a clear understanding of the organization's variable pay plan.

Automate Payout Communication

Mail-merge is a thing of the past. Set up templates while Compport generates personalized letters for every employee.
Personalize every letter with configurable fields
Set conditions to decide when and how the letters will be released
Send letters right to your employees inbox

Customer testimonials

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"100% Flexibility, Intelligent Data Management, focused and an easy-to-use interface is what makes Compport a unique platform. We were very pleased to have chosen them as our compensation automation partner"
Aditya Vadlamani
Associate Director Compensation and Benefits,
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

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