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Pay Equity

Some of the planet's largest companies trust Compport.

Creating Compensation Bands is Challenging

You review multiple spreadsheets to collect internal and external data

You define several ranges based on your comp philosophy

You do a detailed budget analysis

And finally arrive at bands that please both employees and the organization

Compport is here to help!

Customize your Pay Philosophy Effortlessly

Build your bands based on multiple parameters like Country, Function, Sub-Function, Business Unit, Level, Grade and more. Design your pay progression, define ranges and job families, all on one platform!
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Instant Data, Accurate Decisions

Access precise and updated data at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions.
Gain instant access to internal and external benchmarking data
Automatically evaluate data to eliminate anomalies
Apply data aging to keep pay bands competitive

Define Pay For Roles That Don’t Exist

Need to figure out the salary for a job with no external benchmarking data? Use Compport’s custom job feature and create new roles by blending skills and extracting data from the jobs available.
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Manage Access to Pay Data, Effortlessly

Sharing ranges with the right stakeholder is now easier than ever! Regulate access to sensitive data by using simple but powerful access controls.
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Insights you can Actually Use

What is the pay equity gap?
How has the compa ratio changed?
Are my pay recommendations biased?
Am I over budget?

Build customized dashboards to track the metrics that matter.

Customer testimonials

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“With Compport, our Total Rewards team now finds it very convenient to administer their compensation processes, improve the user experience of HRBPs and managers, and provide transparency to our employees. Also, ours is a unique and complex merit planning processes, so we are pleased that it was easy to configure Compport to suit our needs”
John Albert Ampil
Group Manager, TA, TR & Employee Experience
Universal Robina Corporation

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