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How Compport Reshaped Adani's Approach to Navigating Rewards Complexity

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How Compport Reshaped Adani's Approach to Navigating Rewards Complexity

In October 2021, the compensation team at Adani realized that using spreadsheets for managing merit cycles of 17,000 employees across 13 businesses was not the solution.

It wasn’t sustainable, it wasn’t scalable, and it took time away from strategy.


1. No Transparency, No Happiness – Adani’s promoters had poor visibility of the utilization of compensation budgets and wage bills. Requesting such information took time as employees had to comb through multiple spreadsheets to present relevant cuts of data.

2. Time was of the essence - Their processes were lengthy and involved several HR teams working on multiple spreadsheets and months of prep.

3. Businesses weren’t connected – Each business had differentiated requirements and specialized teams that functioned independently.

4. What is happening? Adani laid huge emphasis on simulation, budget control and analytics to support their decision-making process. But without centralization, approval workflows and lack of audit trails, no one had a holistic view of the rewards planning process.

The Tipping Point

One Company, Numerous Philosophies: Some businesses had an extremely well-developed rewards philosophy while the others were facing the challenge of transitioning away from legacy systems. This led to a noticeable misalignment in how employees were being compensated.

The Compport Difference

Compport helped Adani build a unified, transparent, and scalable Rewards Tech Ecosystem.

Taking control of time

· Adani’s promoters were immensely satisfied by Compport’s ease of use. They could generate a consolidated picture of their multi-million-dollar wage bill in a few minutes.

· Rewards processes weren’t subject to spreadsheets and email exchanges.

· A streamlined process meant that comp teams were able to execute processes without delay and error.

· Months of data crunching could be completed in a few days.

Autonomy and Alignment

· Compport helped all businesses transition to a centralized rewards philosophy.

· Every business was equipped to take autonomous decisions by cascading the compensation planning process to line managers while maintaining approval guardrails.

Staying Compliant

· With Compport, maintaining audit trails became easier than ever.

· Plans could be tested in real time with Adani’s compensation philosophy as guiding principles.

· Every plan had a customized approval workflow to ensure the involvement of specific stakeholders.

· Adani now had a single source of truth that accounted for every action taken and every penny spent.

The Compport Effect

After the implementation and use of Compport, Adani witnessed a shift in many business practices.

Business Unit (BU) leadership teams felt a sense of confidence as they were able to transparently make and assess the impact of comp decisions.

Promoters were instilled with a sense of trust as they could clearly see how Adani’s wage bill was being utilized.

With pay being a critical decision point, Compport became an essential platform to further Adani’s talent and retention strategy.

Once the merit planning process shrunk from 4 months to just 30 days, HR teams were alleviated of operational stress and could focus on strategic planning

Adani and its group companies leveraged Compport to become the poster child for excellent compensation processes. They were able to strike the right balance between building a Centre of Excellence (COE) or deploying the HRBP model.

A balance that most companies aspire to achieve, especially when it comes to compensation


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