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How Dr. Reddy’s unifies its Compensation Ecosystem on Compport

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245 Bn

Growth often suggests great success.

But for Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., it also highlighted some acute challenges. 

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. (DRL) is a global giant that manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products. They currently produce over 190 medications and 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals
  • Employee Count: 22,000+
  • HQ: India

The booming global pharma market initiated a simultaneous spell of growth for DRL. With operations in over 30 countries, they were expanding at a rapid pace. 

Their employee mix consisted of manufacturing, sales, R&D and corporate employees. This diversity in their workforce and geography meant:

❌ Multiple Plans and Processes
❌ Several Local Regulations and
❌ High De-centralization

The Problem with Spreadsheets

DRLs Compensation processes were riddled with spreadsheets. Compensation planning was therefore cumbersome and prone to delay and error. Sensitive data was all over the place, attached to emails and sent to stakeholders. They maintained multiple spreadsheets for each employee subset which added several layers of operational complexity. 

It’s nearly impossible to imagine the cognitive load of handling spreadsheets for 22,000+ employees in over 30 countries with different cuts for stakeholders while protecting sensitive data. While DRL always came out on top, the compensation team was under constant duress. 

The Compensation Sandbox

Teams operated like isolated units. 

Since Comp processes were offline and siloed, a limited number of stakeholders could participate in the process. Decisions were relegated to higher management and leadership. Managers were limited to execution and grassroots suggestions could not be considered. 

Isolated cohorts also meant that HR had to generate 35-40 different compensation communication letters, adding to the already significant workload. 

The Compport Difference

What changed?

  • Process efficiency increased by over 90%
  • 75% Reduction in Comp cycles
  • Compensation Letter formats decreased from 35 to only 2.

DRL implemented Compport in 2.5 months, allowing their Comp teams to become efficient, data-driven and strategic. Their focus shifted and they became true business partners, providing strategic compensation insights.  

  1. Solving the Spreadsheet Mayhem.
  1. Single source of truth: Implementing Compport meant saying goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, unregulated changes, and confusion. DRL now operates on a unified platform with up-to-date information, maintaining standardized formats while allowing individual autonomy.
  2. Compensation Modelling: The simulation engine enabled Rewards teams to run multiple simulations, observe impact and choose the best comp models for specific teams. Spreadsheet modelling was in the past. 
  3. The Intelligent Letter Module: Compport cut down the comp templates required from 35 letter formats to only 2 while also reducing the time to release letters to employees.

  1. Building a Connected Compensation Network
  1. Manager Self Service Screens: Compport simplified comp management for line managers, offering a clear view of data in one accessible location. The once tedious decision-making process that took multiple email exchanges was completed in a matter of minutes. 
  2. Multi-Currency Management: DRL was now able to manage multiple currencies. Leaders could complete salary reviews with multi-country teams while Compport managed the complexity of currency exchange. 
  3. Eliminating Language Barriers: Compport’s ability to bring in multiple language packs as required, helped smoothen the process further for an organization with multi country operations.

The Client Perspective

With a complete overhaul and automation of comp processes, DRL had now designed a sharp, principled rewards philosophy that operated on efficiency and transparency. 

They had access to contextual information at their fingertips and were able to make strategic comp decisions with speed and ease.

Aditya Vadlamani, Associate Director Compensation and Benefits, summed it up perfectly. 

“100% Flexibility, Intelligent Data Management, focused and easy-to-use interface and the continuous support of the implementation team makes Compport a unique platform. We were very pleased to have chosen them as our compensation automation partner”.


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