Silicon India Magazine Lists Compport Among 10 Most Promising HRMS Solution Providers

Adding to our accomplishments, India’s renowned Business & Technology magazine, Silicon India has ranked us among the 10 most promising HRMS solution providers for 2019. We have acquired this position by laying a solid foundation for HR operations, providing an epicenter for employee records, work-force analytics, and administrative applications.

It was the unique vision and proven capabilities of Compport that empowered companies to drive a significant value out of their investments with a boon of 40x ROI. Being a potential platform that effortlessly generates a salary increase grid in mere 30 seconds, or sales/bonus incentive plans with a processing time of less than 90 percent, the smart and flexible functionalities of Compport has streamlined the HR operations for the enterprises.  

“Compport with Analytics & Survey Tools provides clients valuable insights not just for data or metrics but which later enables the customers to grab better by taking corrective actions for the organisations" says Sachin Bajaj, the Founder and Managing Partner of Compport IT Solutions.  

With a deep focus on compensation management, employee surveys, and analytics, our cloud-based & customized compensation management software has catered to numerous marketing giants for transcending their processes through digital magic.

At Compport, we deliver top-notch results with utmost precision and perfection. To witness an advanced and agile solution for compensation, advanced analytics and feedback management, stay tuned with us.  

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