Compport appoints Navneet Rattan as the Partner & COO, India, and Global Head - Product Development to lead growth & accelerate expansion.

Compport Appoints Navneet Rattan as the Partner & COO, India, and Global Head - Product Development to Lead Growth & Accelerate Expansion.

Compport appoints Navneet Rattan as the Partner & COO, India, and Global Head - Product Development to lead growth & accelerate expansion. Navneet’s addition to the leadership team is a leap towards fast-tracking Compport’s aspiration to become a global leader in the compensation technology market by driving disproportional value for Compport’s existing and potential clients.

Navneet (ex-AON India Associate Partner, Performance & Rewards Consulting) comes with almost two decades of Performance & Rewards consulting experience. He has a deep professional experience in Organization Design, Performance Management Design & Implementation, Rewards Strategy Design, Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking & Design, and Technology deployment. Additionally, he led multiple due diligence / M&A projects from a Compensation & Benefits harmonization standpoint and has been involved in both audits, pre-merger as well as post-merger work.

“Post COVID, talent economics has undergone a significant change. On one hand, there are significant skill gaps given the technology disruption & talent shortages and on the other hand, attrition is at unprecedented levels. Having nuanced rewards strategies and sound pay practices that are fair, equitable, and agile enough to navigate in the highly competitive and dynamic business environment is key to attracting and retaining talent. Compport with its ahead-of-the-curve technology, the pace of innovation, customer-centric approach, and strong team is best positioned to help organizations in their talent attraction and retention agenda with the power of Rewards,” said Navneet about Compport’s mission”

“Under Navneet’s leadership, we strongly believe that we will be providing best-in-class compensation technology, driving disproportionate value for our clients, and building a high-growth organization that can scale globally. Navneet’s experience/ deep expertise in Rewards and his in-depth understanding of the market will help drive significant value to our customers by leveraging rewards digitization and transformation. He will be instrumental in building our brand as a trusted partner for our customers” said Sachin Bajaj, Founder, and CEO, Compport.

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