Compport Advisory Board

Compport Advisory Board

We are very excited and proud to onboard some of the strongest minds as part of our advisory board. This step is a key milestone in our vision to “transcend the world of compensation management through digital magic". We are happy to welcome our valuable members of the advisory board:

    Asher Siddiqui (Advisor – Investment, M&A Strategies and Financial Excellence)Emre Tok (Advisor – Growth & Global GTM Strategy)Erdal Bozdogan (Advisory – Branding, Marketing & Customer Experience)

Emre Tok (Growth Marketing Consultant, Investor)

Growth marketing consultant with 21 years of experience in Product Marketing, Development & Management, Digital, Customer Analytics, Growth, and Internet Business Development.

  • Former VP of Growth Careem (acquired by Uber for $3.2 billion)
  • Ex-Microsoft Product and Partner Marketing Leader for the UK
  • Ex-Turkcell Product and Marketing Head (Leading TELCO in Turkey)

Emre has embarked on many successful projects in multinational companies in UAE, the UK, and Turkey. He has worked with industries covering direct-to-consumer brands, technology start-ups, media, SaaS, MaaS, B2B, and much more.

He tries to excel in delivering high impact technology innovations to internal and external audiences within and beyond KPIs and ROI. His leadership has led and participated in various business transformations such as:

  • Leading the holistic strategy for customer growth in the first unicorn of MENAPT region,
  • Leading the product partner and marketing activities for the 2nd largest search engine in the UK,

Emre is currently also active in several non-executive roles, and as a consultant, member of the board of advisors to several start-ups. His core focus is on helping organizations to achieve their full potential through full-funnel marketing. He is an industrial engineer with an MBA and is most proud of the talented teams that he has built.

Erdal Bozdogan (Global Business & Marketing Leader, Medical Doctor, Photography Artist, Blogger)

Business leader and marketing expert with 20-years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with a deep know-how of US and Emerging Markets.

  • Former General Manager of Takeda Turkey
  • South Asia, Middle East, Turkey and Africa Oncology and Osteoporosis Marketing Leader of Eli Lilly
  • Oncology Regional Commercialization Leader, Emerging Markets of Eli Lilly and many other roles

Erdal has delivered commercial strategy development in product launch at the national and regional levels coupled with operational leadership in the delivery of strategy and customer experiences. He is a Master of Marketing, Branding, Customer Journey/ Excellence, and highly experienced in managing large teams and P&L in turbulent times.

He is a Doctor of Medicine, as an individual with diverse areas of interest, in 2019 he has studied Photography in New York Film Academy and as an artist he had his first personal exhibition in Paris. He is currently studying Sociology and Artificial Intelligence and writing disruptive anecdotes on his own blog.

Outstanding results come from a passion for winning, serving customers, diversity, developing and inspiring people, and having fun in the job. With 20 years in business behind him, he defined himself as a positive leader and dedicated himself to develop people. For him, “Success comes much more easily when we’re passionately engaged and positively inspired by what we’re doing and where we’re going”.

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